Shut Up! You Can't Tell Me What To Do. You're Not My Real Dad!

2015 - 2016

Shut Up! You Can't Tell Me What To Do. You're Not My Real Dad! is a series of micro plays written, directed, produced, and performed by the students of Woodrow Wilson Highschool. Inspired by the work of the Neofuturist theater group in Chicago and their show Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, Shut Up! is a chaotic, ever changing show where the audience is given a menu of plays and gets to choose what they want to watch by shouting them out. Plays range from absurd to angsty, hilarous to melodramatic, but never go over 3 minutes. Started in 2015 by Gwyneth Bushman and Zoe Stuckless, the goal of the production was to provide a space for students to authentically express their own voices and give them the power to produce their own visions. Since its premiere in 2015 at the Regional Oregon Thespians Conference in Portland, OR, the play has been continued to be produced by Southwest StageWorks. Every year it takes a new based upon those who develop it.

Written by:
the Students of Wilson Highschool.
Produced by: 
SouthWest StageWorks
, Gwyneth Bushman and Zoe Stuckless.
Directed by:
Gwyneth Bushman and Zoe Stuckless
Performed by:
MC, Zoe Stuckless
Elliott Braxton
Sydney Roll 
Parker Callais (director in 2016)
Raven Wilson (director in 2016)
Amy Rodgers
Ellijah Moon
Guthrie Stafford
Run by:
Gwyneth Bushman, Board op
Sophia Burton, Running crew
Zoe O’Loughlin, Running crew